Stall Information

Prices and information is available for the different types of stalls below.

To apply for a stall, visit and complete the online application.

The markets will run from 9am – 2pm with bump-in between 7am – 8:45am.

  • 3m x 3m stall sizes available.  6m x 3m stall can be booked at double the below costs.
  • $35 each (November market)
  • $45 each (December – April markets)
  • Book all 6 markets and receive a $35 discount
  • $65 per market
  • 2 Food stalls/vans
  • 1 Coffee van

Community Groups will be offered space in the market free of charge.  Preference is given to groups that have engaging activities for market goers to participate in.

Stall Holder FAQ

  • Not For Profit groups – 100% – We provide space free of charge for NFP’s to come and represent their group.  We love when NFP’s bring along activities or do demonstrations which is engaging for the market visits (I.e., Boomerang demos).
  • Fresh Produce (Fruit & Veg) – 100% discount on stall fees.  If the stall has other items for sale, then the standard fees will apply.

No, stall holders must supply their own gazebo and any parts needed for their display/stall (I.e., Racks, Tables, Chairs, etc).

We do not offer powered sites.  Stall holders who need power are required to bring a generator.

All electrical items must be tested and tagged by a qualified person.  Anything not tested & tagged cannot be used at the markets.

Yes, we are happy for stall holders to share a stall however the products being sold from the stall must be covered by the insurance of the stall holders (I.e., both parties hold their own Public Liability & Product Liability insurance).

All products being sold must be listed on the application as we only allow 2-3 stalls with the same types of items.

We try to limit the same items being sold to 2-3 stalls.  There may be occasions where a stall has items that aren’t the primary focus that will be allowed (I.e., Baked goods are the main items sold in the stall, but they have some jams available from one of their vendors).

No.  We view pre-made food items as a standard stall type.  Food Vans are those who are making and serving food on the day (I.e., Hot Food, Ice Cream, Coffee, etc).

General Terms & Conditions

  1. The application will be processed once the complete Application Form and supporting documents are received. All successful applications will receive an invoice upon acceptance and payment is required 2 weeks after your stall has been confirmed unless otherwise agreed. Application for stalls will be accepted at the discretion of the Kelmscott Agricultural Society Inc. (KAS) and payment DOES NOT deem acceptance.
  2. There shall be no refund for withdrawing your application after payment has been made. A refund is only applicable where the market is cancelled by KAS.
  3. Sites will be allocated on the first paid, first served basis.
  4. Stall holders and exhibitors are responsible for their own Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $10 million. A copy of Stall Holders Public liability insurance and Certificate of Currency MUST be provided with this application.
  5. KAS is not responsible for any damage, loss, theft, or personal injury including from event cancellation.
  6. The Terms & Conditions may change prior to the event. Any changes will be communicated to stall holders.
    All stall holders must agree to adhere to any guidelines, restrictions or requirements placed on KAS by the authorities (I.e. COVID regulations, etc). These will be communicated to all stall holders as required.
  7. Stall holders will strictly observe the Kelmscott Agricultural Society By-Laws as well as any Local, State and Federal laws & regulations relating to their site and business.
  8. All areas of the Markets shall remain smoke-free and all Stallholders and their Staff shall comply with this requirement. No activities or items that directly or indirectly encourage or support the use of tobacco or tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) will be allowed in the event.
  9. No activities or promotions that encourage consumption of alcohol or stimulants use or glamorise getting drunk or simply that getting drunk is desirable will be allowed in the event.
  10. No application granted by KAS is exclusive and KAS may, in its absolute discretion, permit any other person or franchise to sell or exhibit similar or the same goods or to carry on a similar or the same business or activity at the event.
  11. KAS reserves the right to request the removal of products from display and sale if they are deemed unsafe, offensive, or are inappropriate.
  12. The sale or distribution of water pistols, weapons, fireworks or sparklers is strictly forbidden.
  13. The sale of raffle tickets by stallholders is prohibited unless approved in writing by KAS prior.
  14. Unless advised otherwise, access to the event grounds for bump in will be available 2 hours prior to the event.  Bump out will need to be completed within 1 hour at the conclusion of the event.
  15. All stalls must be erected within the site area and any items which are not part of the stall.
  16. Kelmscott is a high wind area and as such, additional care should be taken to ensure that your marquee and belongs are secure
  17. KAS reserves the right to dispose of any damaged property which KAS determines is a safety hazard (I.e. Wind damaged marquee) or is littering the area (I.e. Stock being blown away by the wind).
  18. Guy ropes of any tents or awnings, vehicles and other items, which form part of the stall, are to be within the measurement of ground space let including tow hitches. If you intend to operate from a van or trailer, a sketch must be attached to this application showing all dimensions, locations of the sales window and other openings that require access space.
  19. When driving on the event grounds, all stallholders shall abide by the 8km/h speed limit and abide by the directions given. Any deliberate damage to the facilities will be charged to the stallholder.
  20. Stall holders are requested to maintain their area in a tidy condition and free from litter. All packaging shall be removed from the site when leaving. All care must be taken when travelling through areas used by members of the public.